Sunday, August 15, 2010


Haunted Library

Haunted Library, originally uploaded by gtocruzr.

I wonder if that supercool floating librarian from Ghostbusters hangs out here?

The Splendid Library, originally uploaded by magic fly paula.

Old and European, it doesn't get any classier than that.

Inside the Parliament Library, originally uploaded by scilit.

Oooo....soooo.....beautiful.... The downside? It houses political documents. Canadian political documents. Enough said.

I wouldn't want to be rich for the money- it would be for all the cool stuff. Like this awesome library owned by that capitalist pig William Randolph Hearst. If he were still alive I would totally be his Anna Nicole so I could lounge around this gorgeous spooky gothic room.

the old library, originally uploaded by perseverando.

Chetham's School, Manchester.

A caged library- hundreds of years old. They used to lock people in with the valuable books. It would make a great ghost story if they forgot to let someone out. They would just find a skeleton with cobwebs.

Girls in old library, originally uploaded by nami*&Chitaki.

I had to include this pic since the room has a haunting atmosphere and the girls in their pretty dresses are so lovely.

This library makes Hogwarts look like a trailer trash dive.

Ghosty books and ravens, such a cool shot.

Library, originally uploaded by blankbaby.

Chetham Library, originally uploaded by Darby Sawchuk.

The interior of Chetham Library in Manchester, England.

Another awesome picture of the book jail, er, caged library.