Thursday, August 12, 2010


Some of the most beautiful haunting houses are fictional. None of these movie houses ever existed except for outer shells on studio lots.

Beetlejuice One of Tim Burton's early works, the house turned into a battleground for the dead owners and the new yuppie family that bought it.

The Addams Family Movie Of course, the Addams Family lived in the quintessential spooky house.

Psycho I know Psycho is renowned for the stabbing in the shower scene and Anthony Perkins dressing up like his long dead mama and not the architecture, but that house is stunning.

Spiderwick Chronicles: The Movie
A very eerie house for a kid's movie. It featured little hidey holes for little brownie creatures, a dumbwaiter, a secret library/study and had just the right aura of neglect.

Practical Magic I'm including this Victorian gem because it featured a super cool lighthouse-like tower and a sweeping attic where they performed seances and communed with the dead. I don't really care that it is in wonderful shape and is freshly painted, witches lived there and I love this house so I'm including it.

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